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Starton V3

Starton V3 has been deployed. Check out what's changing on the API side.


  • /v2/changed to /v3/. For most endpoints, /v2/ will be deprecated in the near future. All new endpoints will be on /v3/.
  • You can now store and query a lot of entities by metadata allowing you to store additional information.


No breaking change from v2 to v3, but some IDs will be deprecated in the future.

  • IDs are now much more human-readable: MINTABLE_NFT, FUNGIBLE_TOKEN, etc. Former IDs (for example sct_d4c1d5f2ed6f44d185bfb60eee2dbcaf) are deprecated.
  • New tag and blockchain filter to allow you to query it more easily.
  • Filter by name now do a partial find.


No breaking change from v2 to v3

  • The service is now called Monitor, no impact on the API.
  • New paused filter.
  • New name filter.


No breaking change from v2 to v3

  • New color field.
  • You can now edit project name, description, color, and metadata.


Big Breaking change from v2 to v3.

  • API keys are no longer in /v2/project. They have been migrated to /v3/api-key.
  • Results are now paginated.
  • Brand new response format, we don't return the key anymore. You can only see them once.
  • New name and description field.
  • Better format: now API keys are prefixed by live and test keys (coming soon) will be prefixed by test.


  • Brand new Authentication system.


Big Breaking change from v2 to v3.

  • API with the pinning service spec is now hosted on /v3/ipfs/pinning-service.
  • Brand new API on /v3/ipfs compliant with the rest of Starton API (pagination, filter, id, etc).
  • New endpoint to get storage usage.
  • V2 API /v2/pinning is still available but will be deprecated in the near future.


Breaking change.

  • Wallets now have a name and description.
  • Filter deleteKms is now deleteKeyOnKms and is defaulted to false.
  • the route has been moved inside /v3/kms/wallet.
  • You can now import a wallet from your KMS using /v3/kms/wallet/import-provider-key.
  • You can now set up a KMS allowing you to avoid sending credentials at each new wallet you want to create /v3/kms.
  • The endpoint to get the balance of the wallet is now moved to /v3/data/.